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Covering Film. Metallic Blue. Per Metre.


I have lightex, toughlon, standard, metallic, transparent, camo, carbon fibre and matt films in stock.

2 in stock


I have just received a new shipment of covering film in some exciting new colours.

Jazz m up boys!

Features Excellent quality, Light weight, Super strength.

Super Strong with a Tensile Strength of around 25,000 psi (pounds per square inch);

Dry Adhesive is Activated When Heat Is Applied;

Shrinks to a Drum-Tight Finish as It Cools;

Molds Crease-Free Around Compound Curves and Into Corners;

High Gloss Finish, Waterproof, Fuelproof (Glow Fuel, Gasoline, Smoke) ;

The glue is very strong.

Name: Hot Shrink covering film for RC model.

Length: 1m Width:64cm Thickness:0.006mm

This film is sold per metre with a minimum quantity of 2 metres.

You must select at least 2 metres per colour per order.

Price is per 1 metre x 64cm I have done it like this to offer longer rolls than 2 metres.

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