Four 9g servos Solid and Reliable SG 90

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Great Value. Great servos.
Four 9 gram servos.
Perfect for ARF kits and robotics.

Size: 21.5mmX11.8mmX22.7mm
Weight: 9 grams
No-load speed: 0.12 seconds / 60 degrees (4.8V)
Stall torque of 1.2 – 1.4 kg / cm (4.8V)
Operating temperature: -30 to +60 degrees Celsius
Dead-set: 7 microseconds
Operating voltage: 4.8V-6V
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Pilot Pete

Metal Gear 9g servos also available
$9.00 each
2.4 metre rolls of covering film…lots of colours $17.00
Pilot Pete


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