5Amp 1-6s Electronic Switch PWM 3.7-27V Input


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This module is a nice little relay switch controlled by a spare auxiliary channel on your receiver. Ideal for switching lights, sound, and any other auxiliary electrical items.
when PWM duty is more than 1500us, the switch will turn on; when PWM duty is less than 1400us, the switch will turn off.


RX lead length:100mm
Power in/out lead length:100mm (each)
Switching load current (DC):5A or 10A (Continuous current)
Input Voltage (DC):5-28V

Normal mode

The module can read a pulse width that can range from 400 to 2600us.

If the width of the pulse is more than 1800us, the MOSFET switch will close, if less than 1200us, the MOSFET switch will open.

Safe-protection function

This module has a safe protection feature that reduces the likelihood of unexpected activation.

In below 2 conditions the Safe-protection mode will active:

1. The pulse is more than 1800us at first power-up, the MOSFET switch open. The LED will blink, you should move the input to the off position, then normal more will active ;

2. The signal is bad continuously for 500ms, the MOSFET switch open. The LED will blink. When the signal is good, the device will deactivate safe-protection mode.


Normal mode: the LED will on when input pulse >1800us; the LED will off when input pulse <1200us;

Safe-protection mode: the LED will fast blink

30A RC Controlled Switch:

Large current, high reliability. Supports high voltage receivers, compact size, light weight.
18AWG silicon wires for power, super soft silicon wires for signal as well.

Application examples:
Remote control model car airplane Light bar Light on and off, easy to use – Insert switch channel.
Power switch for various power supply and controlled equipment (disconnected to positive pole, common negative)
Electronic ignition, the output stage can be connected to the resistance heating wire, the electric start control after the stage to increase the relay, the water pump switch.
The wire adopts high current 18AWG silica gel wire, the plug is JST head (input female, output male), the signal wire is also made of super soft silicone wire material, the total length of power cord is about 20CM, the switch weight is about 11G.


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