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6v NiMh battery 3500 mAh


Very hard to import NiMh batteries at present. Limited Stock!


Out of stock


6v NiMh battery for planes yachts cars boats. (1)

Comes with JST plug as shown.

If you wanted to use it to power a receiver you can swap the plug and use the end of a servo lead for the fitting. Or I have JST tails.


L 72mm

W 50mm

Depth 15mm

These come stamped and rated 3500 mAh  I have sold many of these batteries with good feedback but the 3,500 may be optimistic.

If your particular needs demand a true 3,500 mAh then I suggest spending more money on Sanyo, Samsung, Panasonic etc. NiMh batteries.

Never had complaints with these. Just sayin.


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