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Assorted E-Clips in Plastic Box (120pcs)


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Assorted E-Clips in Plastic Box (120pcs)

An excellent selection of E-Clips, from 1.5mm to 10mm, in a handy plastic container.

Material: Stainless Steel

Qty x Inside Diameter x Outside Diameter x Thickness
12 x 1.5mm x 4.0mm x 0.4mm
12 x 2.0mm x 5.0mm x 0.4mm
12 x 3.0mm x 6.5mm x 0.6mm
12 x 4.0mm x 8.5mm x 0.8mm
12 x 5.0mm x 9.5mm x 0.8mm
12 x 6.0mm x 11.5mm x 1.0mm
12 x 7.0mm x 13.5mm x 1.0mm
12 x 8.0mm x 16.0mm x 1.0mm
12 x 9.0mm x 18.0mm x 1.0mm
12 x 10.0mm x 20.0mm x 1.0mm


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