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BB gun ammo. Precision Grade 6mm 2500rds bag. 0.30g pellets

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These are a quality lapped and polished BB that delivers accuracy without jamming. Features extremely low volume of internal air bubbles, made of high strength/ tough materials to avoid damage from shatters.

• High Precision Grade Airsoft BB
•Precision BB series, all have a standard size of 5.95 +/- 0.01mm with
precision lapping
• polishing processes
• Suitable for all Airsoft Gun – AEG, Pistol, Rifle….etc that use 6mm BB
• Perfect sphere shape & smooth surface
• Made of high strength/tough materials
• Good BB means less drift by wind & shoot straighter
• Quality of BB is important for prolonging the life of your Airsoft Gun

Item weight: 750g
Packing dimension: 210mm x130mm x50mm
Color: White
BB Bullet weight: 0.30g
Packet: 2500rds
Type: 6mm precision grade


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