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Bob Smith Industries Foam-Cure. Large 1 oz bottle. BSI 141


I have a good range of BSI and Zap adhesives in stock.

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Bob Smith Industries Foam-Cure. Large 1 oz bottle.

BSI’s Foam-Cure is a silicone based adhesive that works well on all foams but is especially good for EPP and EPO foams.

It cures clear and slightly flexible, but it does not bond instantly like CA glues. There is also no accelerator for this adhesive.  You can speed adhesion by applying to one piece, fitting the two pieces together, and then pulling the pieces apart for about 10 minutes.  When you fit the parts together again, the joint will be tacky and adhere well.  Full cure time is 10 – 12 hours. In addition to foams, Foam-Cure will bond wood and plastic to foams, and is also a good canopy glue.  While it is somewhat flexible, it is not flexible enough to act as a hinge for control surfaces, and it does not work well on large areas of non-porous contact surfaces. Foam-Cure cures when exposed to air, so some surface porosity is essential to allowing the solvent to evaporate. Foam-Cure can be thinned with denatured alcohol.

It is not fast bonding like CA, but it’s more flexible than CA and cures crystal clear after 10 hours.

Modelers have the option of allowing the Foam-Cure to air dry for 5-10 minutes on the parts before joining them so that it will act like a contact cement for fast initial tack.


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