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Braided flame-retardant fireproof Kevlar thread. 0.8mm x 1m


Kevlar hi strength thread. 

Great for many applications including aircraft and yacht rigging.

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I offer this as per metre. Longer lengths no problem. Just purchase multiple metres please.


1. Aramid flame retardant Kevlar rope has extremely high strength, 6 times the specific tensile strength of steel wire, 3 times the glass fiber, and 2 times the high strength nylon industrial yarn.

2. The tensile modulus of aramid flame retardant rope is 3 times of steel wire, 2 times of glass fiber and 10 times of high strength nylon industrial yarn.

3. The temperature range of Kevlar rope is very wide, at – 196. C to 330 degrees centigrade can run normally for a long time. The shrinkage rate is 0 at 150 degrees centigrade, and it does not decompose at 560 temperature.

4. Mechanical properties: strength: 3.6 GPa, elongation modulus: 131 GPa, elongation at break: 2.8%

5. Thermal properties: long-term service temperature: 204, axial thermal expansion coefficient: – 2 (-6) / K, thermal conductivity: 0.048 W (m. K)

Protruding characteristics

High temperature resistance, fire retardant, light weight, high strength, high modulus, size stability, low shrinkage, puncture resistance, cutting resistance, wear resistance, heat resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, good mechanical properties, good dielectric properties and so on.


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