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Car Charger for DJI Phantom batteries

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Why settle for only being able to charge your DJI Phantom 2 batteries at home?

The Quanum DC Field Charger charger allows you to quickly and easily charge your Phantom 2 batteries at the field from just about any 10~26 v DC power source! This means easy battery charging from your car or truck’s battery!

Simply connect the alligator clips to your vehicle’s battery and the output lead to the Phantom 2 battery. The output lead features a polarity protected plug which prevents improper connection. This charger provides up to 4A of current, matching that of the original DJI Phantom 2 battery charger.

• Compact design
• Easy to use
• Reverse polarity protected
• 10~26VDC input voltage
• 12.6VDC 4A output
• Aluminum heatsink case provides excellent cooling

Input: 10~26VDC (alligator clip leads)
Output: 12.6VDC 4A (DJI Phantom 2 compatible charge plug)
Case Dimensions: 103x76x35mm

This charger could be used for many batteries if a n adapter was used or the output plug changed.


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