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DLG for summer? I have a used, sought-after Elf DLG Glider in stock.


1 in stock


Used Elf DLG glider in good used condition. Has receiver and battery but probably need replacing. See videos for specs and flying. Ultra light servos fitted and working when last flown. Very high performance and hard to find.

Contact me PRIOR to bidding for delivery details if you cannot pick up.

The ELF is a new generation of 1-meter wingspan discus launch glider (DLG) from Vladimir’s Model. The ELF allows the Pilot to fly in small spaces like never before. The ELF is intended for pilots of all skill levels and experience.

The ELF is sample of the modern approach to designing. ELF – combines unique design, difficult technologies of manual assemblage and all it at external simplicity, elegance and for low cost. Full simulated on computer ELF has allowed us with accuracy 3mm to predict centering and to give to glider maximum of strength at the minimum weight. Having added to it unique aerodynamic characteristics, calculated by Dr. Drela we have received improbably controlling, fast, easy and strong glider with excellent permeability.


Wingspan: 1000 mm (39.37 in)

Wing area: 11.66 dm2 (1.26 ft2)

Wing airfoil: AG12, AG13, AG14

Weight (RTF): 95 gr (3.35 oz)

Wing loading: 8.15 gr/dm2 (2.67 oz/ft2)

Control: Rudder, movable horiz. stabilizer


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