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FS-82 Micro Receiver AFHDS 2A Suits most FlySky 1.2 grams! FS82


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Featuring a 300 metre transmission range, this micro receiver can be used for small aircraft, micro drones and multi-rotors. Bind the Flysky compatible receiver to your flight controller by holding down the binding button on the board. Turn on your radio and set the receiver mode to AFHDS 2A. The receiver LED will blink slowly once and the binding process has been successful.

The Flysky receiver is compatible with a range of transmitters, including FS‐i4, FS‐i6, FS‐i6S, FS‐i6X, FS‐i10, FS‐GT2E, FS‐GT2G, FS‐GT2F and Turnigy Evolution.

• Channels: PPM 8CH / IBUS 10CH
• Frequency Range: 2.408‐2.475GHZ
• 2.4GHz System: AFHDS 2A
• Work Mode: IBUS or PPM
• IBUS Connector: 1.0 SH 3pin plug
• PPM Connector: Solder pad
• Failsafe Function: Support (Only IBUS Mode)
• Transfer Method: FHSS
• Antenna Length: 30mm
• Transmission: 300m
• Working Current: 40mAh
• Size: 20x13x4.5mm
• Weight: 1.2g
• Compatible Transmitter: FS‐i4, FS‐i6, FS‐i6S, FS‐i6X, FS‐i10, FS‐GT2E, FS‐GT2G, FS‐GT2F, Turnigy Evolution


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