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One used Kyosho swing hand launch glider.

High-performance hand-launch gliders were regarded as the domain of expert fliers, until the arrival of the SWING and its free and easy flight performance!
The FRP fuselage is further enhanced by the ultra-light weight balsa rib main and tail wing frames and the lightweight carbon tail boom combination with Kyosho’s design know-how.
The SWING can be launched by hand, shock cord or from slopes.Achieves high efficiency soaring and gliding performance.
It is also completely pre-assembled. Even the vertical fin is pre-glued. Enjoy refreshing flight style and performance beyond your imagination.

Lightweight FRP fuselage maintains its strength and rigidity and also achieves plenty of space for radio equipment. Design is slim and space
Thinned balsa rib and lightweight film used for weight benefits and with a leading edge plank realize high performance flight. Of course all factory-assembled.
Vertical tail fin is pre-glued. Reliable fixed angle and maintains effective control regardless of skill. The horizontal stabilizer is bolted in place with one bolt.
Fuselage is pre-painted FRP with vertical fin already pre-glued. Super lightweight tail boom is also pre-installed.
Balsa rib and plank main wing is covered in special lightweight film.
2-step dihedral and set-back wing angle produce excellent left/right stability and shifts sharply forward through the air.
Left/right main wing is connected securely with two carbon and FRP pins.

Originally designed special thin wing produces an excellent drag ratio and soaring efficiency. Design also realizes sharp forward movement through the air.
Technical Data:

Length: 825mm
Wingspan: 1240mm
Wing Area: 19dm”
Wing Type: Original


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