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Pilot Petes Micro Charging Box. 12 v or 3S battery input. Charges phones too

This is a great product. No more chopping and soldering to make a lippo fit a charger. Power it up with either a 12 volt supply or a 3S Lipo.
Charge all your 1 S lipos plus anything with a USB port.
First one I got in was mine!!!

Batteries not included

In addition to the 8 outputs for your micro Lipos, it has dual 5V 1A USB outputs for charging your smart phone or other USB devices. For input power, the Turnigy MBCB has dual XT60 connectors ready to accept your 3S 11.1V lipo, or with a adapter, power it from a 12V power supply.

Simple Red and Green LED’s alert you of the charge status. Protecting you is reverse polarity protection. If your input battery gets below 11V, LED’s will alert you, and the charger will shut down at a 10.5V input power, protecting your expensive 3S Lipo!
• Ten total outputs, with five different connector types – Pico, E-flite MCPX, JST, Walkera, Molex
• Dual 5V 1A USB outputs for charging phones and tablets
• LED’s indicate charge status
• Intelligent charge control to protect batteries, avoid overcharging, and reverse polarity protection on each individual port
• Accepts 3S 11.1V Lipo as input power, or can operate from 12V power supply
• Hard plastic cover protects charger when being stored

Input Power: 12V Power Supply or 3S 11.1V Lipoly
Max Charge Current:
Pico – 240mA
E-flite/MCP-X – 500mA
Walkera – 420mA
Molex – 500mA
JST – 900mA
Charge Voltage: 4.2V
Weight: 135g
Dimensions: 100 x 85 x 27mm


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