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Mr. Jig soldering station. A must have if you solder.


Have trouble soldering XT, Deans, EC or gold bullet connectors?

This makes it all very easy. I would not be without mine!

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Mr JIG – Soldering Aid (and all round nice guy)

This handy little gizmo makes soldering plugs a breeze! The clamp features cavities that will accommodate 2mm and 3.5mm bullet plugs, XT-60 plugs, T-Connectors, Traxxas plugs and many more while up top you will find holes for 5.5mm and 4mm bullet connectors.

When I use mine on XT connectors I always have male and female plugs inserted into each other. This doubles the heat transfer and stops any melting of the plugs.

Size: 53mm x 49mm x 20mm
Weight: 103g
Material: Aluminum

* Note: Aluminum is a conductive material, never place 2 plugs from the same battery pack in Mr Jig simultaneously or he will get upset.


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