Orange R616XN DSM2 / DSMX Compatible 6CH Nano receiver. Last One.


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OrangeRx R616XN DSM2/DSMX Compatible 6CH CPPM Nano Receiver with Failsafe

The OrangeRx R616XN is a single line connection 6ch receiver that is used in conjunction with CPPM compatible devices as used on a lot of helicopter flybarless systems and multi-rotor control boards. Perfect for the smaller models where weight and room is a major factor, it weighs only 1.4g including the cable. The receiver is based on the popular Cypress MCU.

The R616XN is compatible with DSM2/DSMX 1024/2048 aircraft radios and module systems and has an ultra fast brownout recovery and it also includes an advanced fail safe feature. Advanced failsafe is perfect for most types of aircraft. When the signal is lost for less than 1 second all channels will hold the last command, if the signal is lost for more that 1 second then all the channels will go to a predefined position which you set during the binding process.

Sometimes a short power loss happens during flight, it can happen if your BEC is not powerful enough as you use all the servos or functions or it could be a weak battery. This can cause a short voltage drop which will result in the receiver suddenly losing power and is called a brownout. When power comes back it takes time for the receiver to reconnect to the transmitter, this may lead to a crash under normal circumstances. With the ultra fast brownout recovery feature this receiver has it will reconnect so quickly only a minor glitch is noticed.

As a reminder please note that this receiver can only to be used with CPPM compatible devices, it is not a standalone receiver with outputs for servos etc. The fitted JR style plug lead plugs into the CPPM input of the compatible device.

• Ultra small and light
• 6ch CPPM output allowing single line connection with compatible devices
• Compatible with DSM2 and DSMX aircraft radios and modules
• Ultra fast brownout recovery system
• Advanced failsafe system
• Wide input voltage (3.7~9.6V)
• Low current consumption (35mA)

Input Voltage: 3.7~9.6V
Power Consumption: 35mA
Dimensions: 13 x 16.5 x 3.7mm


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