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Paraglider wing. 2.4 meter span. Want a challenge?


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Been there done that with fixed wings?
Planes getting too fast for you?
Fancy a challenge?

Design and build your own powered paramotor for this impressive 2.4m span wing. This listing is for the wing only.

Due to it’s design the wing opens quickly for easy launching and retains it’s shape even in turbulence. Made of 100% ripstop nylon in 3 colors, blue/turquoise and white and the .8mm cords come ready attached for easy rigging.

Type: Paramotor wing
Width: 2.4 metres
Material: 100% Nylon
Color: Blue/Turquoise/White

Check it out with trike attached here

Easy to make a trike and fun too! These can be very satisfying to fly. Super slow for FPV and a very stable platform.
Lots of info on line.


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