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1.25 metre span laser cut glider kit


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Laser Cut Balsa Electric glider kit 1250mm There is nothing quite like building an aircraft from the ground up and successfully flying it……. Here’s another great affordable little balsa Kit for the traditional R/C hobbyist and builder who enjoys constructing models from kit form.

This kit makes a built up, 4 channel, electric powered park fly glider. It features sharp accurate laser cut parts that simply slot together with little fuss and the wing looks fantastic when covered with transparent covering to show off the construction. The power system can be a simple small outrunner and 2s battery, using micro servos to keep her nice and light. The resulting model is a great little park fly electric glider that performs well, has aileron/elevator/rudder/motor control, yet is tough enough to handle the odd ‘oops!’ moment from novice flyers and compact enough to be transported easily.


Span: 1250m Length:  810mm Requires: 4 Channel radio system and 4 x micro servos 1550kv 15amp Outrunner 15Amp Esc 2 or 3s 1300mah Lipo battery Propeller (8 x 4) CA glue Covering film Basic hobby tools (knife, sand paper etc) We usually stock everything required to complete.

What they say:

lud99 says

First flight today with a 2822/17 3s and 8*4 prop. Good 3 axes glider slow rolls, loops, inverted flight. Can be used by a beginner (but foamies will be much more crash r√©sistant…). The manual is really not here to help and 9 gr servos are too big for the ailerons. I have also replace the supplied leading ege of the wing by a carbon fiber tube 3mm. Despite the inexisting and wrong manual, we had good time with my son building this kit and at the end…. Good surprise….great flying capacities!

Joker says

So much potential ruined by horrible plans. I’m about 2/3 done and am looking forward to flying it. Search for my build thread on RC Groups . Com for build information. It’s been a fun build so far (other than the lack of instructions). Wood quality is decent but heavy, packing is good, and fit of the laser cut parts is ok.


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