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Turnigy 30A BRUSHED ESC. Good quality at a good price.


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Got an old brushed motor laying around and want to put it to good use?

The Turnigy brushed ESC is an excellent speed controller with a linear throttle curve, Lipoly/NiMh ready and programmable braking. Features: The break function can be turn on/off by the jumper Battery type can be chosen by a jumper For Lipo the threshold for each cell is 3.0v, less than the threshold ESC will gradually reduce the output power PWM frequency is 2KHz Over heat protection over 110C Throttle signal loss for 1sec will gradually reduce the output power, after 2sec completely cut-off


Cont Current: 30A

Burst Current: 40A

BEC Mode: 5v/1A

Lipo Cells: 2-3 NiMH : 4-10

Weight: 21g

Size: 45x21x8mm

These are for brushed motors only and will not work with brushless motors but we have lots of them that will.