Orange micro Rx R410X for DSM2/DSMX


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LATEST MODEL MICRO Rx with all the bells n whistles and compatible with all DSM2/DSMX 2.4GHz Air transmitters Now featuring CPPM!

The Orange Rx R410X takes things to the next level by offering CPPM, true DSMX compatibility and utilizes dual antennae providing true signal reception diversity! Add to this programmable failsafe on binding, ultra fast brown-out recovery and wide voltage input range. The end result being an unbeatable value for the money aircraft receiver! The all new CPPM functionality is an excellent feature for use with multi-rotor flight controllers such as the KK2.1, APM, MultiWii and others. This single line connection removes the weight and mess of additional wire leads for each individual channel. This is ideal for use on small frames where space is at a premium. The R410X ushers in a new era of quality, reliability and performance for the Orange RX line up.


• Super lightweight 2.7g

• Compatible with DSM2/DSMX 1024/2048 aircraft radio and module systems

• CPPM output allowing for single line connection with compatible CPPM devices

• Short 25mm antennae for mounting in almost any location

• Wide input voltage: 3.7~9.6V

• 4 Channels PWM/6ch CPPM

• Compact design

• Diversity Antennas built in


Channels: 4 PWM (6 CPPM)

Input voltage: 3.7~9.6V

Size: 16x27x10mm

Weight: 2.7g

Want good Stuff? this is it…..perfect for gliders. Runs on a single cell 1S lippo