Wheel, flywheel, blade and propeller balancer with level.


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This is a nice bit of gear that will very accurately balance many things.

Universal propeller / blade / wheel balancer, with level.

Multifunction carbon fiber propeller balancer for multicopter fixed-wing.

Type: Propeller Balancer

Material: Aluminium Alloy

Compatible Device: Multicopter fixed-wing 250-700 airplane.

Suitable for diameter 2~5mm fixed-wing. Maglev-method was adopted on the center fixing axis to balance the tested products with zero resistance.

Application of electric straight 250-700, fixed wing, multi axis series, with carbon fiber and Aluminum Alloy CNC processing, applicable to all the main rotor mounting holes for all the main rotor diameter of 2-5MM, the whole 2MM carbon fiber metal frame structure, support the franc bearing design,

Product specification:

The level of metal rotor connector x 1 M470MM *2 M2 support carbon bearing Franc *2 The metal strut *1 M48MM M 8 level 1 viewer The six angle screw *4 in the *2 M38MM cup head of the M6 support frame Six corner screws in the head of M525MM cup *2 M420MM cup head of six angle screws 2 Six corner screws in the head of M316MM cup *2

This multi function balancer can be used as a standard propeller balancer.

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