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Receiver board with built in servos and ESC. AFHDS ONLY


Perfect for small setups.

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Receiver board with built in servos and ESC

Binds with Flysky transmitters FS-T6, FS-i6 FS i6X, or any other AFHDS capable transmitter.

Made for Sky King by WL toys F949 but can be used on other small models.

Range is up to 200 metres. I have a sky king glider myself and have never run out of range.

Runs on 2 cell 7.4 volt input.



Yes or any transmitter afhds mode capable. (not afhds 2a). I use the board with a flysky fs-i6.


No sorry you can’t bind with Spektrum transmitter.
Not suitable for AFHDS2a


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