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Sunbird V2 Electric Glider Laser Cut 1.6 metre Kit


Add a covering film for this kit for just $40

Contains enough Red and Blue film to cover the Sunbird.

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Here’s another superb Laser Cut Balsa Kits for the traditional R/C hobbyist and builder who enjoys constructing models from kit form.

The Sunbird V2 is an all built up 1600mm, 4 channel, electric powered glider – with a little ‘old timer’ flavour mixed in!

The Kit features sharp accurate laser cut parts that simply slot together with little fuss and the wing looks fantastic when covered with a transparent covering to show of the construction and your handiwork.

The power system can be a simple small brushless motor and 3S battery, using 9g servos to keep her nice and light.

The resulting model is a great little park fly electric glider that performs well and has aileron/elevator/rudder/motor control. The Sunbird V2 is tough enough to handle the odd ‘oops!’ moment from novice flyers and compact enough to be transported easily.

Span: 1600mm
Length: 850mm
Flying weight: 450-650g

4 Channel radio system
2212-1100kv brushless motor
20A Esc
9g servos x 4
3s 800~1300mAh Lipo battery
Propeller (8 x 4) folding
CA glue
Covering film. I can add a covering film set for this for $40.00. Just ask.

Basic hobby tools (knife, sandpaper, etc)

FOUR 9 Gram servos. SG90

1000kv Motor and 30 amp ESC combo. No soldering!

The pictures of the completed glider are to show the finished product only.


Can also be bungee launched for a simple glider



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