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Tiger Moth Balsa Wood Plane 980mm Kit Includes all wood and undercarriage


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For those modelers that enjoy building kits or building from scratch this balsa and wood, Tiger Moth Kit is an ideal model. With a wingspan of 980mm, it isn’t too big to fit easily in your car and you can remove the wings. The kit comes with plans and an easy to follow the build guide.

The Tiger Moth has been a “classic” plane that first flew in 1931 and is still flying in many parts of the world. It was used by the air forces of many nations as a trainer during WWII as well as for training and enjoyment in the civilian world.

All parts are laser cut to ensure that they easily fit together. It also comes with carbon fiber wing spars and other tubes, wire undercarriage and a plastic cowl. You will need covering film for your choice of color and an electric power system and a 4-channel radio system. The recommended power system is a 2212~2216 1000~1400KV brushless motor with 20~30A ESC and 1800~2200mAh 3S Lipo battery spinning an 8~9inch propeller.

Like all Tiger Moths, this plane is easy to fly but has that extra challenge that all biplanes have exhibit rudder is needed with ailerons for turning. Enjoy the experience of building and flying this magnificent biplane.

• Accurate laser cut balsa wood kit
• Removable wings
• Small size for transportation
• Easy to fly

Wingspan: 980mm
Length: 812mm
Flying weight: 750g

1 x 2212-2216 or 1000-1400KV brushless motor
1 x 20A~30A ESC
4 x 9g Servo
1 x 8~9inch Propeller
1 x 1800-2200mAh 3S Lipo battery
4Ch or higher Radio and receiver

THIS IS NOT A ‘SHORT’ KIT Where you buy the kit then have to buy additional balsa and ply to complete.
It requires full construction but all parts are accurately laser cut.
Servos, motor, ESC radio and battery are required and not included.


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