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Transmitter controlled On/Off BEC Many uses

Dr. Mad Thrust series 3A BEC with Inbuilt Aux Controlled On/Off Switch for Accessories.
An efficient switching regulator providing a reliable and efficient 3A (5A burst) power supply for your RX, which is 5v or 6v selectable via a jumper plug. Input voltage ranges from 7.4v (2s) to 30v (8s) and the unit has been designed to offer minimal output noise.

Uniquely, this BEC also features an inbuilt power switch that is operated by a spare Aux Channel, this feature can be used to power and switch on/off a wide variety of features such as navigation/landing lights, bomb drop, canopy operation and of course our Dr Mad Thrust machine gun sound module and machine gun LED system (see related items below) via an AUX channel on your RX….in fact at 2A output, the inbuilt power switch can handle a huge variety of features you may want to fit to your model!

Input Voltage: 7.4v~30v (2s~8s Lipo)
Output Voltage: 5v/3A or 6v/3A
Output Current: 3A Continuous or 5A burst
Quiescent Current: 20mAh
Electronic Switch Output: 2A, 5V or 6V
Dimensions: 40mm x 11mm 23mm
Weight: 26g

I usually have these in 5 Amp as well. Just ask.


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