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Turnigy HV SBEC 5A on board switch. Got a big model?


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Turnigy HV SBEC 5A Switch.

The Turnigy HV SBEC 5A Switch Regulator is perfect for large electric models using high voltage power setups. With its high voltage (8-42V) input capability, you will have the option to run this unit off of your main battery or off a separate 2-10S lipo. This voltage regulator will provide a sustained 4A output at 5V or 6V, and has a max current capability of 5A.

Give your RX and servos the power they need with this high quality HV SBEC by Turnigy.

Specs: Input Voltage: 8-42V (2-10S Lipo)

Output Voltage: 5V or 6V (user selectable)

Max Load: 4A continuous/5A max

Weight: 21g

Dimensions: 59x10x25mm

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