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Turnigy Rechargeable Battery AA 2550mAh NiMH


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Low self-discharge AA NiMH battery.

Great for transmitters, fuel pumps, glow starters or other low discharge electronics that you want to use over several months without having to recharge. Low-Self-Discharge NiMH batteries utilize a new technology that helps the battery retain its charge. In fact, these LSD batteries can stay charged for over a year without losing more than 30% of their charge. Normal NiMH batteries would lose nearly 100% of their charge over 12 months.

NiMH batteries are rechargeable and are fantastic for commonly-used or high-drain devices. Many battery applications are compatible with NiMH rechargeable batteries, however, they are best-suited for vehicles that require large amounts of energy and are frequently used.

Category: AA batteries
Capacity: 2550mAh
Voltage: 1.2V
Chemistry: NiMH Low Self Discharge
Weight: 31.5g
Dimensions: 50×14.2mm


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