Turnigy Servo Signal Reverser

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Turnigy Servo Signal Reverser
These are very simple to use. Just plug between servo and receiver to enable your servo to move in the opposite direction. Great if you are mounting servos in a tight space….You can make the arms go different ways ie Mini DLG

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Need to reverse just one servo plugged into a Y-harness? Your radio reverse function will change both servos. The servo signal reverser is a in-line solution to your directional problems.

Simply plug the Turnigy Signal Reverser in-line between the servo and the receiver or Y-harness. It is really that simple. Designed to work with all servo plug types.

Input Voltage:  3v~12.6v
Signal Type: 760us 1520us (Auto Detect)
Plug Type: JR
Cable Length: 415mm
Weight: 6gram

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