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XT60 Silicone Charged / Discharged Indicators


I have these in XT90 as well.

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1 pair XT60 Silicone Charged and Discharged Indicators.

These are a very simple but great addition to your tool kit.
Pop the Red ones on your battery after use. The green one after charging and you will easily identify the state of your battery.
Great for LiPo safety as well as the insulated silicon cover helps prevent accidental shorting (and its terrible consequences)

Don’t you hate it when you pick up a pack to go out to the track or strip only to discover in the first 10 seconds you’ve picked up the pack that was ready for charging not the pack that was charged? So do we, so we took the old school concept of putting rubber bands on your charged packs and gave it a modern twist. These neat little silicone caps are colour coded green for charged and red for discharged so you can simply slip them on your pack when you have finished charging or taken the battery out after your activity to easily identify green for go and red for no go. They have the added advantage of protecting your batteries from accidentally shorting out when in storage.


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