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Yacht sail winch servo. Large heavy duty metal geared.


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One Vigor VSD-11YMB High Torque Servo – VSD 11YMB Extra Large 360 Degree 6 turn Sail Winch Servo.

Includes sailwinch drum. Metal geared.

Vigor VSD-11YMB HV Extra Large 360 Degree/Winch Servo 0.75sec / 40kg / 150g

Operating Voltage: 6.0v~7.2v
STD Direction: Counter Clockwise / Pulse Traveling 1500 to 1900uSec
Stall Torque: 19 at 6.0V, 28 at 7.2V
Operating Speed: 0.92 sec/ 60 at no load at 6.0V, 0.75 sec/ 60 at no load at 7.2V
Weight: 150g
Running Current: 0.35A~0.40A
Motor: 3 Pole Heavy Duty
Output Angle: 2160 Degrees (6 Circles)
Bearing: 2BB
Gear: Metal Gear
Size: 60.0 x 29.1 x 54.3 mm
Lead: 250mm 22AWG, Universal Plug
Special Feature: Water Resistance


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