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Yacht sailwinch servo.


I have a few sail winch options in stock.

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This servo winch is precision machined, has stable characteristics and high reliability, and is suitable for remote control ships.


Brand: JX

Model: W4505-4T

Turn: 4-4.5T

Operating Voltage Range: 4.8~6V

Speed(4.8V): 0.9sec/360

Speed(6.0V): 0.7sec/360

Torque(4.8V): (72.92oz/in)

Torque(6.0V): (85.15oz/in)

Running Current: 0.15~0.16A (at no load)

Working Current: 0.35~0.40A

Stall Current: 0.84~1.02A

Size: 40.520.238mm (1.590.801.50in)

Gears: heavy duty resin (plastic)

Connector Wire Length: JR 265 mm (10.43in)

Package Included:

1 * Servo Winch


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