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Please everyone, support your local kiwi businesses to help the country recover from the implications of this terrible virus. We need your support.

I have many new kitsets that will help keep everyone occupied over the weeks to come including.

75cm span Sky King RTF glider, 1.5 m span PNF glider,1.4m span ARF glider, 45cm span  Tiger Moth, 48cm Pfalz D3,  1 metre span Dragon Rapide Bi plane, 43cm P51D Mustang, 43cm span Mk1 Hurricane, 42cm span Mk1 Spitfire, 1.4m span trainer, 31.5cm span SE5a Bi plane,  42cm span JU87b Stuka,  60cm span  Nieuport Bi plane,  and a 51cm span Fokker DR1 Triplane. 


Keep safe and keep your social distancing going and we can beat this deadly virus. Maybe even eliminate it completely.

Pilot Pete





Hi all, from Pilot Pete

6 Great reasons customers prefer Pilot Pete’s website 


  1. Lower prices. The prices you see is the price you will pay.  No worries about extra taxes, GST or customs charges.
  2. Every item offered on my website is in stock. No getting to checkout only to find half your items are out of stock and no drop shipping.
  3. No waiting for auctions to close. Over 1000 products ready for instant purchase. Combined shipping encouraged.
  4. Secure online payment. We offer Poli, PayPal and bank transfer for quick and easy payment. NOTE: All orders paid with PayPal will incur a $2 surcharge. Save fees by selecting Poli as your secure payment option. It is the payment method used by NZTA if you register your car on line. All safe, secure and simple.
  5. Fast guaranteed delivery. Orders are sent same or next business day on tracked, insured courier.
  6. Money back guarantee. I guarantee you will receive your items damage free and as described or your money back.