BSI Insta-Cure Thin CA Glue 1/2 oz BSI 101


I have a good range of glues and adhesives in stock.

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This listing is for a 1/2 oz bottle and it goes a long way.
Less waste with smaller bottles.
These glues have a 2 year shelf life
This video will help you to choose the correct glue for your application

The CA can be applied around the edges of the join and will penetrate by capillary action. Because of its capacity to penetrate finely porous surfaces Insta-Cure is ideal for bonding balsa wood as it penetrates into the wood producing a join that is more substantial than just purely a surface bond.
It’s water thin viscosity means that Insta-Cure will wick deep into a joint by capillary action and set within seconds. Surfaces to be bonded should be accurately fitting and should be kept in tight contact while curing takes place.


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