Centon towline glider kitset. Great gift. Includes covering tissue.

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These make great gifts.

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Airsail Centon towline glider kitset.

Remember the days when you made and flew these great models?

You still can or you can give one as a gift to a child or grandie so they can experience the same joy of building and flying a simple, tough glider. They are great gifts.

80 cm wingspan
High quality balsa and covering tissue included.
Full size plans and building / flying instructions are included.
Pre cut parts.
Can be hand launched, towed or bungee launched.
Perfect first build.
Simple cheap conversion to R/C
Does not contain glue, dope or paint.

I usually stock the Orbit catapult glider, the Satellite contest glider as well as many other planes for kids and adults.
Hard to get this stuff these days.


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