Cigarette Lighter Adapter for field charging


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Car cigarette lighter adapter for 12v chargers

. Adapter includes two size 12v plugs and will fit Turnigy, Imax, Emax and other chargers.

Plug 1)

Outside diameter: 5.49mm

Inside diameter: 2.52mm

Plug 2)

Outside diameter: 5.49mm

Inside diameter: 2.12mm

Max current: 12A, 25V

A great way to supply power to chargers without lifting the bonnet of your car! Or, for those that like charging packs in the car on the way to the field. Do not use more than 50W. (about 3,600mAh 3S @1C charge)

NOTE: Please ignore the labels that say Futaba and JR. For some reason the factory believed you can charge your transmitter with a 12V car power supply.

DO NOT CONNECT THIS TO YOUR TRANSMITTER! IT IS TO POWER BATTERY CHARGERS ONLY. The label is helpful in indicating polarity of the plugs, however.