Covering Film. Transparent Red. 5 Metre roll. Last One!

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Difficult and expensive to import film now. Last Roll!

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1 roll of Covering Film. Transparent Red

5 Metre x 60cm



Excellent quality, Light weight, Super strength.
1) Super Strong with a Tensile Strength of around 25,000 psi (pounds per square inch)
2) Lightweight at approx.25 ounces per square foot (have got to get a better scale)
3) Dry Adhesive is Activated When Heat Is Applied
4) Shrinks to a Drum-Tight Finnish as It Cools
5) Molds Crease-Free Around Compound Curves and Into Corners
6) High Gloss Finish, Waterproof, Fuelproof (Glow Fuel, Gasoline, Smoke)
7) The glue effect is very strong.
Suitable Temperature:
1) for solid colors, it will be glued under the temperature of 100℃~120℃, and it will shrink under 160℃~180℃
2) for transparent colors, it will be glued under the temperature of 90℃~100℃, and it will shrink under 140℃~160℃


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