Flysky FS2A 4CH AFHDS 2A Mini Receiver.


Lots of AFHDS 2A receivers for FlySky in stock.

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FS2A 4CH AFHDS 2A Mini Compatible Receiver PWM Output

Suits Fly sky i6 i6X i6S / FS-i6 FS-i6X FS-i6S Transmitters.

FS2A 4CH AFHDS 2A Mini Receiver for Fly sky i6 i6X i6S / FS-i6 FS-i6X FS-i6S Transmitter.
Support: for FS-I6, FS-I6X, FS-I6S, FS-TM8, FS-TM10, FS-I10 and other AFHDS 2A protocol transmitter.
Distance: 400+ meters ; Working current: 20MA ; Dimensions: 11 * 25MM.
Frequency range: 2.408-2.475GHZ ; Band width: 135 ; Receiver sensitivity: -92DBM.
The Receiver Can Normally Receive The Transmitter Signal, Push The Rocker To The The Failsafe Set, Long Press The Receiver Bind Button, The Blue Light Flashes Quickly Several Times And Then Always Bright , Failsafe Settings Is Successful.

Item name: Fly sky FS2A 4CH receiver
Channels: 4CH
Output signal: PWM
Frequency range: 2.408-2.475 GHZ
B a n d width: 135
Receiver sensitivity: -92DBM
2.4G mode: AFHDS 2A
Failfe: Yes
Supply voltage: 3.3-10 V
Distance: 400 + meters
Working current: 20MA
Size: 11 * 25 MM
Weight: 0.9 grams
Support: FS-I6, FS-I6X, FS-I6S, FS-TM8, FS-TM10, FS-I10 and other AFHDS 2A protocol transmitters

To Bind:
1. Press and hold the button on the receiver and connect the power to the receiver. The blue light on the receiver flashes, received in bindind mode.
2, Set the transmitter in bind mode (confirms AFHDS 2A protocol). After getting in bind mode, the receiver changes light from flashing to flash to slow it down.
3, transmitter out of bind mode, then the receiver blue light will be bright. Indicates that the signal received is successful.

Failsafe settings:
The receiver can usually receive the transmitter signal, push the rocker to the failsafe, set, long press the receiver tying button,
the blue light will flash quickly several times and then always bright, failsafe settings will succeed.


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