FlySky Voltage Sensor.


Great real time battery updates through your transmitter.

I usually have the altitude modules as well. Stick that in your glider and smoke it!

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Flysky Voltage monitoring sensor for FS-i6, FS-i6x, FS-i8 and FS-i10 transmitters.

This telemetry sensor informs in real time the voltage the model is currently receiving.


Brand Name: Flysky
Item Name: FS-CVT01
Acquisition voltage range: -100 ~ 100V DC
Accuracy: 0.1V DC
Input Power: 9mA (TYPE)
Number of series: 15 (MAX)
Weight: 6.0 g
Input Power: 4.0-6.5V DC
Dimensions: 31 * 15 * 8.5 mm
Color: Black
Detection of anti-anti-function terminal: Yes (reverse will show a negative value)
Suitable models: car / boat / aircraft
Adaptation receiver: iA6B (directly), iA10 (need to use conversion line, within the module package)

Small and lightweight
Provides real-time information on the transmitter’s display

Package Includes
1 x FS-Voltage Sensor


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