Fokker Eindecker E111 30″ span laser cut kitset


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This is the Fokker Eindecker EIII Kit from Dumas.

Pictures are for illustration purposes only.
This is a laser cut kitset and requires construction.


Hand selected laser cut balsa.
Plastic propeller.
F.A.I. Tan II Contest Rubber.
Vacuum molded parts.
Full-color peel and stick decal set.
Full size plans.
Step by step instructions.
Lightweight colored tissue.
Included in the box:

Full Size Plans, Step-By-Step Instructions, Balsa Sticks, Laser-Cut
Balsa Sheets, Vacuum-Formed Cowling, Plastic Propeller and
Wheels, Wire Propeller Shaft & Landing Gear, Tissue Paper, and
Additional Requirements

Hobby Knife, Razor Blade, Canopy Scissors, Plan Protector, Needle
Nose Pliers/Wire Cutters, CA Glue, Paint For Cowling (Like Testors)
Sandpaper, White Glue To Attach Covering, 1/8″ Brush, Nitrate Dope


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