Glue Super Gold Gap Fill Foam Safe CA 1/2oz BSI-126


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Super Gold+ Gap Fill Foam Safe CA 1/2oz BSI 126
Super-Gold+ Foam Safe CA Glues are medium thickness non-frosting and take only 2 or 3 seconds longer than standard CA’s to bond. There are no fumes that irritate the nose and eyes. Super-Gold+ CA’s do not attack white foam, so they can be used in the building of foam core wings and the assembly and repair of plastic and foam ARF’s.

This listing is for a 1/2 oz bottle and it goes a long way.
Less waste with smaller bottles. Buying larger bottles can be un economic if you end up throwing any out.

These glues have a 2 year shelf life. Keep your CA glues in the fridge to extend max shelf life.

Cyanoacrylates, commonly referred to as “CA”, are moisture-activated adhesives stabilized with acids. Water overpowers the small amounts of acid found in the CA, so that when CA is applied to a part, moisture from the surface of that part and from the atmosphere cause the CA to form a solid, or bond, in seconds.


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