HXT 4mm Connector w/Pre-installed Bullets 1 set.


I have Deans, XT60, XT90, EC5, EC3 , HXT 4mm, HXT 3mm and most sizes of gold bullet connectors usually.

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HXT 4mm Connector w/Pre-installed Bullets 1 set.  Pic shows 10 sets.

This version of HXT 4mm connectors features pre-installed bullet connectors in the plastic housing. This saves you from having to press-fit the bullets into the housing yourself, which can be a pain when working inside of a model or other places with limited space.

Gold connectors on their own are notorious for creating a short circuit and looking messy. Use these to keep your connections safe and looking neat! This is a great way to avoid power shorts.
Rated to around 93A

An excellent replacement for Deans T-connectors!
Good for wire up to 10AWG thickness.

Easier to solder and a stronger connection than Deans T-plugs

I usually have these in 3.5mm as well.


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