Mega electric in runner motor. Quality brushless motor 16 15 7 with 3.17 shaft.


Grunty multi purpose brushless in runner.

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Picture shows 2 motors. Listing is for one only.

New brushless electric motor weighing only 76 g.It is designed for electric direct drive model aircraft.

Measured values:

Recommended propellers for scale models and gliders:

Prop. 7×4“ (direct drive) prop. 7×7“ (direct drive) prop. 8,5×5“ (direct drive) revolutions [RPM] current [A] revolutions [RPM] current [A] revolutions [RPM] current [A] 7 9800 6,9 9000 8,4 8500 9,1 8 9800 10 9600 11,3

Recommended propellers for 3D flying: no cells prop. 10×4,7“ APC SLOW FLY (direct drive) prop. 9×4,7“ APC SLOW FLY (direct drive)


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