QuickCure 5 Min Epoxy 4.5 oz BSI 201


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QuickCure 5 Min Epoxy 4.5 oz BSI 201

Quik-Cure 5 minute epoxy cures to a slightly flexible consistency making it ideal for joints that may experience vibration or stress. Full strength is reached in one hour.

All BSI epoxies are mixed in 50:50 ratios. Squeeze out equal length beads of the desired amount of epoxy, then mix together thoroughly with an ice-block stick or scrap piece of material. In cold weather, epoxy takes longer to cure and becomes more difficult to get out of the bottle, especially if it’s less than 1/2 full. The epoxies can be heated by standing the bottles in a cup of hot water so that they flow easier. The heating process, with the caps off, also releases any moisture that can be absorbed by epoxies. Their shelf life, therefore, is virtually unlimited.

Note that Quick-Cure it shouldn’t be used if the joint will experience extended periods immersed in water, but it can be used in the construction of internal structures inside boats.


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