Covering Trim. Yellow. Self Adhesive


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This high quality self adhesive PVC material is perfect for covering models where you do not want to use heat applied products or it can be used for putting colored trim on. For trimming your model simply draw your design on the back, cut out with a sharp knife, remove the backing and apply. Also perfect for cutting into strips of various widths to add trim lines to your models..

This covering is available in a variety of bright colors and is useful for not only models but for sticking to glass, acrylic sheet, plastic board, smooth wood and metal sheet etc.

Material: PVC
Adhesive: Self adhesive, no heat required
Width: 20cm
Length: 1m

Used for colour decoration, on film covered models.Can be cut out to make lettering, insignia etc. Best results if applied to a smooth surface.
Can be molded round wingtips etc. by heating and stretching like Solarfilm

Shapes are drawn on the back of the paper support then cut out. Can be applied ‘dry’ by peeling off the paper and pressing on to the surface to be decorated or ‘wet’ by floating on to the surface with soapy water (like a water slide transfer). Large or complex shapes are easiest to apply wet.
Lots of colours in stock. Has a satin finish.
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