Servo Expander make servos turn 180 not 90 degrees.


These are a great find for those wanting over 90 degree rotation from servos.

I test each and every servo and every battery prior to dispatch. Everyone does, right? Yeah right.

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Need more rotation from your servos?

This is a neat little lightweight device that allows for 180 degree rotation from a servo that normally only turns 90 degrees.

Adapted voltage 3.6-16V ( can be used on high voltage servos)
Board size: 25x9mm
One 3P cable (10cm in length) and one plug design, compact and easy to use

Where you want to extend the angle with a remote control, such as (robot arm, homemade sailboat)
Note: Some servos meet the limit plate before it reaches 180 degrees. Check operation before use.

I checked these with my MG90S servos and they are happy to provide 180 degrees when this adapter is fitted.

Package Contents:
1 x Servo Expander


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