3mm Gold Bullet Connectors


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3mm Gold Connectors (1 pair)

WE ALSO NORMALLY STOCK 6.5mm,4mm,3.5mm,3mm and 2mm
Outside diameter of wire gauges listed above are as follows with a tolerance of /- .1mm.

8AWG = 6.5MM
10AWG = 5.5MM
12AWG = 4.5MM
14AWG = 3.5MM
16AWG = 3.0MM
18AWG = 2.8MM
18AWG = 2.3MM
20AWG = 2.0MM
22AWG = 1.7MM
24AWG = 1.6MM

10MM Heatshrink for 8AWG
6MM Heatshrink for 10-12-14 and 16AWG.
6mm shrinks to 2.8mm (measured while posting)
4MM Heatshrink for 18-20AWG
3MM Heatshrink for 22-24AWG

Here is the ampacity (maximum amount of current) that each size of this silicon wire can handle. Keep in mind that this is just a rule of thumb as ambient temperature and air flow will make a difference.

8AWG 200 amps
10AWG 140 amps
12AWG 90 amps
14AWG 60 amps
16AWG 35 amps
18AWG 20 amps
20AWG 12 amps
22AWG 10 amps


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