AR6100e 6 Channel Receiver. Suit Spektrum and JR. DSM2 transmitters


Good units to suit some Spektrum transmitters. Check your transmitter specs.


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AR6100e aftermarket 6 Channel Receiver that suits SPEKTRUM DSM2 transmitters DX69, DEVO10

These are very reliable receivers and are now being used by many local modelers and I have sold heaps of them without issue.

Voltage Range:3.5-9.6v so no need for special batteries, boosters etc.

1. Dimensions: 40mm (L)*20mm (W)*12mm (H)
3. Product Number: AR6100E Six-Channel Mini Receiver
4. weight: 5g
5. Channel: Six Channels
6. Format: DSM2
7. Working voltage: 3.5V-9.6V
8. Range. Ground test is about 200-300 meters (estimated to be about 400 meters above)

I usually carry these receivers as well

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