Covering Film Lightex Extra wide 80cm x 2m roll. Black


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Lightex Covering Film.Extra wide 800 mm. 2 metre


This is good stuff used by the world models on their High Quality kits.

One 2 M x 80 cm Roll
Please note 2 m x 80 cm not 63 cm so much wider roll than usual.


Width: 800 mm (31-1/2″) x 2 meters
Weight: 5.8 g/sq.ft. (0.20 oz./sq.ft.)
Application temperature: 58-93 degree C (136-200 degree F)
Truly opaque: Can cover surface imperfections on airframes such as wood mineral marks, pencil lines and link type marker streaks, etc
Good adhesion: Can attach firmly on wood, covering films, fiberglass and plastics.


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