Foam wing. One piece 1080mm Span


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One piece foam wing for Cessna or similar.

Span: 1080mm
Width at widest: 200mm
Width at narrowest: 140mm
Wing thickness at centre approx: 20mm

Nice quality set of foam wings by World Models
Has a 800mm spar for strength.
Has hinged ailerons and all linkages mounted. Wing is already cut out to fit servos so very simple to set up with 9 gram servos.

Flaps are pressed in so would be easy job to cut and hinge flaps if you wanted them. Hinge recesses, servo recess already in wing for simple Flap installation.

Also have strengthened mount points for securing wing to fuselage and struts if required.
Selling these as used. They have not been used but some sets do have slight hanger rash. Best set goes first


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