4mm-6mm Metal Universal Drive Shaft Coupling


I have many popular sizes of these.

And some not so popular. Lots of “hard to find bits” at Pilot Petes.

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Metal Universal Drive Shaft Coupling for Boat / Car / Heli / Robot etc.
Suits shaft 4mm and 6mm (1pc)

Metal universal drive shaft coupling comes complete with grub screws.

I usually have in stock
2mm / 2mm
2mm / 2.3mm
2.3mm / 2.3mm
3mm / 2.3mm
3mm / 3mm
3mm / 3.175mm
3mm / 4mm
3mm / 5mm
3.175mm / 3.175mm
4mm / 3.175mm
4mm / 2.3mm
4mm / 3mm
4mm / 4mm
4mm / 5mm
4mm / 6mm
5mm / 5mm
5mm / 6mm
6mm / 6mm

I am increasing my range of products for boats. Just ask if you cannot find what you are looking for please
Pilot Pete


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