Servo Tape 20mm x 1m Gel type Nano tape.

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I test each and every servo and every battery prior to dispatch. Everyone does, right? Yeah right.

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Servo Tape (clear) 20mm x 1m

This is good stuff, it has an almost gel like consistency and is very strong, clean the surfaces well before you stick them together and the bond will last as long as you need it to. The other advantage of this tape is it comes off with little fuss and in most cases in one piece unlike foam double sided tapes. Great for mounting ESCs, transponders and receivers but you can use this tape on just about anything!

This awesome servo tape is super strong and when the backing is removed it is completely clear. This tape has the amazing property of being very sticky and will securely fasten your servos, receivers, speed controllers and transponders to your aeroplane, helicopter car or boat, yet when you wish to remove them, they come right off without the servo tape breaking apart plus there is no residue left on the surface!! Very clean, very secure and incredibly versatile.


Width: 20mm

Depth: 2mm

Length: 1m

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